Chilli Chutney

    A good spicy chilli chutney is the perfect side sauce for a curry, or spread between slices of bread with meat!

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    This is a flavoursome chutney that along with zucchinis uses capsicum, garlic and ginger. A little chilli is also added to spice things up.

    Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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    This is a frugal use of extra chillies. It is a wonderful chutney that can store for up to a year. Warning: the longer you keep it the hotter it gets.

    Recipe by: apaj4

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    This a microwave recipe that's ready in little more than 5 minutes that includes fenugreek, chillies and garlic.

    Recipe by: RADHIKA GHATAGE

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    The sweetness of mango, pineapple and red capsicum is given a zing from fresh ginger and a kick from chilli. Serve this chutney with barbecue chicken or seafood for an exciting burst of flavour!

    Recipe by: MATHTUTORRITA

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    A hot chilli chutney with tomatoes, apple, onion and ginger. This makes about 1,200ml which can be kept for a year if properly preserved.

    Recipe by: blindside

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    This chutney gives anything a nice little kick. Particularly good with Indian curries and on meat sandwiches such as corned beef and lamb.

    Recipe by: vburrito

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    I have a passion for sweet and sour combinations of food. Having inherited a greenhouse with in excess of 100 tomatoes and chillies I have made a number of chutneys and this to me is amazing and I have it with Indian food as well as cheese and salads. Neighbours and friends are complimentary. I love it as an alternative to mango chutney.

    Recipe by: TonyArnold

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    This is a family recipe from Bulgaria, Dobrich area. I learned it from my mother, and she learned it from her mother. As far as I know it has been passed down the generations for as long as anyone can remember. Ideally the chilli should be grown in the sun by the Black sea, but it has been proven to work with chilli from other places too.

    Recipe by: DianaDimitrova

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    This sweet and tangy chutney combines fresh mangoes, apples, and sultanas with chopped onion and red chilli.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Slow simmered green and red capsicums make a rich and spicy chutney when cooked with tomatoes, chillies, onions, apples and mustard seed. Bottle and store for later.

    Recipe by: Dotty1

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