Hot and Sour Soup

A popular spicy soup; hot and sour soup originates from China however versions of it can now be found across Asia including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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A lovely hot and sour soup with authentic Thai flavours of coriander, fish sauce, chilli and basil. Use Thai basil if you can find it.

Recipe by: STEVE ALDER

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This delicious soup is made hot with chilli flakes and sour with white wine vinegar. It's a classic Chinese combination and not at all hard to make.


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This is a central Chinese version of a hot and sour soup that will warm your heart and your palate without sending you on a hunt for ingredients.

Recipe by: Cressida

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This is a noodle soup with prawns, pineapple, soy sauce, lime and a hint of cayenne pepper. Break the noodles in half before cooking and garnish with fresh basil, if desired.

Recipe by: Kathleen Burton

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This Asian hot and sour soup has been taken to the next level with the cayenne pepper. This is a wonderful dish with a great balance of vegetables and meat.

Recipe by: RHONDA35

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This is a quick and easy Chinese hot and sour soup that includes tofu, bamboo, shitake mushrooms and cloud ear mushrooms in a rich chicken broth.

Recipe by: Chelsea

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Fish stock it transformed into a slightly spicy and tad sour, hot and sour soup with button mushrooms and small green prawns. Garnished with spring onions.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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As good as any Chinese soup you can get at a restaurant and very simple to make. The secret is to add the vinegar just before serving.

Recipe by: lucky

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