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    Whether you are icing a cake or a cupcake, using cream cheese or butter, flavoured chocolate or lemon, you will find what you need in our list of icing recipes.

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    252 reviews

    This is a great lemony cream cheese icing. It goes well on any kind of cake but is especially good on a yellow cake or carrot cake.

    Recipe by: Carol

    16 reviews

    This fondant is simple to make using ingredients that those partial to cake decorating will have available. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Rollable Fondant Icing Video.

    Recipe by: IthilienDude

    71 reviews

    This is a recipe for fluffy white icing to use on cupcakes. It is dairy free so good for those with special diets.

    Recipe by: Karen Davenport

    251 reviews

    You can't go wrong with a good lemon icing and you can't improve it either! These measurements work for me every time.

    Recipe by: Carol

    8 reviews

    Because I don't usually ice my little cakes, and I suggested icing as an option once they have been cooked, I thought that I would add an icing recipe - for anyone that needs it.

    Recipe by: sam7778

    Cake Icing Videos

    • videoTitle
      Buttercream Icing
    • videoTitle
      Chocolate Buttercream
    • videoTitle
      Rollable Fondant Icing
    • videoTitle
      Cream Cheese Frosting
    • videoTitle
      How to Make Chocolate Ganache Icing
    • videoTitle
      Custard Buttercream

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