Creme Brulee

    Classic creme brulee recipes to make this easy and sumptious French dessert of creamy custard topped with toffee or toasted sugar.

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    Turn your slow cooker into a water bath to make individual decadent desserts like this creme brulee.

    Recipe by: cupcakeproject

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    This is a fantastic dinner-party worthy creme brulee with a delicate pumpkin flavour. Sure to impress!

    Recipe by: Daryl

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    A delicious dessert for a dinner party, this smooth creme brulee is infused with star anise and cashews.

    Recipe by: Jackie

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    These silky smooth chocolate creme brulees are very easy to make - you don't even need a water bath. Use heart-shaped ramekins for a Valentines Day treat. For an elegant presentation top with a few raspberries and a mint sprig.

    Recipe by: LSNEED62

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    Creme brulee is very impressive and easy to make but it takes a bit of patience. You can eat it warm or cold.

    Recipe by: EC3KFNW

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    Creme brulee is a classic dinner party dessert that is sure to please. This version is a little different - the cream is infused with basil overnight before the final construction.

    Recipe by: PETE7

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    A delicious creme brulée made with coconut and native Australian lemon myrtle served with bananas.

    Recipe by: VicCherikoff

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    Individual custards, made from scratch with a hint of orange and clove, are creamy and delicious when topped with a bit of raw sugar then heated for a crunchy topping.

    Recipe by: Kilda

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