Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea salad makes a great side dish when served with couscous, pasta or roasted vegetables. There are also salad recipes that can be served as a main meal.

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    Serve this fresh-tasting salad with parsley, spring onions, tomatoes and sausage for a light lunch. Omit the sausage for a vegetarian version.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    Couscous makes a great base for a quick salad, as it only needs a brief soaking in hot stock (or water). Here it is combined with chickpeas, dates, oranges and pistachios for a Middle Eastern-style vegetarian dish.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    Bean salad is a great side dish or filling for vegetarian burritos. It's also tasty on baked potatoes with cheddar cheese.

    Recipe by: Pam Garrison

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    Tasty chickpeas are combined with diced red and yellow capsicums, a green chilli, diced red onion and a dressing of lemon and lime juice for a high fibre salad.

    Recipe by: EverydayMommy

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    This salad recipe has been given to me by my step mother and I just love it. Real summery and great for BBQ's.

    Recipe by: Kylie M

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    An unusual combination of two kinds of peas, served in a lemony dressing. Adjust garlic and cayenne to taste.

    Recipe by: SHELAGH420

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    Lovely colours combine in this delicious salad comprising of roasted capsicum, chickpeas, mint, garlic and capers.

    Recipe by: Afiyet_olson

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    This is a rich roasted vegetable salad featuring pumpkin that is just the right combination of sweet and sharp. It makes a beautiful side dish at a BBQ served chilled, or is a soothing winter meal in itself served warm with crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Emma Jansen

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    This is a very healthy brown rice salad. So much good stuff in it - chickpeas and feta as well as vegetables-it could easily be a meal on a hot night. Best to make it the day before so you you can chill it overnight. My family love it:-)

    Recipe by: Mary Beth

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    Slices of grilled chicken transform a fruity, Mediterranean salad into a satisfying hot-weather meal that's packed with flavour and magic foods. Remember to set aside a few tablespoons of the marinade for basting. Don't use the marinade that's been in contact with the raw meat.

    Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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