Stuffed Eggplant

    Their shape and size make eggplants perfect for stuffing and baking. Check out these recipe ideas for filling suggestions.

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    A twist on eggplant parmigiana!

    Recipe by: MARGARITADEE

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    These delicious healthy eggplants are stuffed with vegetables and feta cheese and baked in the oven. You can reduce the quantity of breadcrumbs if you like a moister dish.

    Recipe by: LIOTAKI

    23 reviews

    A simple stuffed eggplant dish flavoured with cinnamon. You will find this all over Greece and Turkey. Delicious!

    Recipe by: MRSFORROW

    60 reviews

    Stuffed eggplant makes a warming and satisfying main dish. Mushrooms and cheese make this recipe particularly hearty.

    Recipe by: MONTANACOOK

    30 reviews

    A great way to use and serve lamb mince is in hollowed out eggplant halves with feta and spices. Serve with a green salad.

    Recipe by: C Laughlin

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    Eggplant halves are stuffed with a zesty filling, and topped with tomato slices and Gruyere cheese. Is great with eggplant fresh from the garden.

    Recipe by: Michael Banks

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    This rustic dish using beef mince is easy to make and perfect to serve with a salad. The skinned fresh tomatoes can be replaced with tinned ones if you are pressed for time.

    Recipe by: Annakm

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    These easy stuffed eggplants are filled with fried beef and vegetables; you can use whatever you like but in this recipe I have used onion, zucchini and tomato.

    Recipe by: Brigitte

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    Prawns and basil make a delicious stuffing for baked eggplant. Serve as a healthy but filling main dish accompanied by risoni and a green salad.

    Recipe by: TRUCKERDOO

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    Be sure to select an eggplant that is smooth, blemish-free and kind of heavy for its size. Serve with a green salad.

    Recipe by: Tanya Belt

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