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    Pork belly recipes with Asian and Chinese flavours as well as pork belly dumplings and slow roasted pork belly with crispy crackling.

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    This dish will impress your family or your dinner-party guests. A slow-roasted pork belly that gives you beautiful succulent moist tender pork with light crisp crackling - extremely easy and quick preparation time. You can even prepare it ahead by slow-roasting the day before and finish cooking just before serving, with a choice of accompaniments and finishing sauces.

    Recipe by: lisamaree

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    Pork belly is the most delicious cut of the pig - after all, it's what they make bacon from! You can eat it on its own, with gravy or sliced in sandwiches.

    Recipe by: lucky

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    For this recipe you can use pork belly slices (cubed) or pork pieces also. Note: make up 1 cup of stock as you may need to add extra fluid if needed, but the end result should be lovely sticky and melt in the mouth meat with very little sauce left over. I like to serve this with steamed rice and some green veges or a light salad.

    Recipe by: taylorkalani

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    Good with most cuts over two kilos. I used pork belly in this one. Serve with rice, steamed veg or salad. the one in the picture was over cooked by 1 hour so it is a little burned.

    Recipe by: homedad1

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    This is a famous Chinese dish called Dongpo pork. Pork is made extremely soft, succulent and tender by long slow braising in Chinese rice wine.

    Recipe by: Chelsea

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    This is a famous home-style dish from Szechuan province. The pork-belly steak is boiled, sliced and then stir-fried with sweet flour paste, chilli paste and green capsicums. Although the dish is made from pork belly, it is not greasy because the fat is fried out. It goes well with steamed rice.

    Recipe by: Jin

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    There is something very satisfying about making your own dumplings, and it's not as hard as it might seem. You can also adjust the size and spiciness to your taste.

    Recipe by: dinadiii

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    Cocido Madrileno is a Spanish chickpea stew that resembles the French pot-au-feu. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Cocido Madrileno Video.

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

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    Cooking Okonomiyaki takes time, especially when you make many. Why don’t you bake it in oven just like pizza? You can make very large Okonomiyaki at a time and you don’t need to flip it over. Again I used pork and cabbage in this recipe. These can be substituted for any ingredients at all. Because this is ‘Okonomiyaki’, you can use whatever you like.

    Recipe by: HirokoListon.com

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    A very traditional Brazilian stew made of black beans, sausage and all the tasty bits of pork. For a traditional Brazilian spread, serve with white rice and collard greens. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Feijoada video.

    Recipe by: GraçaRibeiro

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