The main ingredients of a daiquiri are rum, lime and fruit, but the choice of fruit is up to you! Try some of these cool daiquiri recipes.

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    This variation on the classic daiquiri uses ripe mangoes. Serve it with a spring of mint. Drink up!!

    Recipe by: cassandra

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    I always keep frozen blueberries in the fridge, and this is one of my favourite things to do with them, especially in summer!

    Recipe by: kate

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    This is a tart refreshing daiquiri which uses lemon instead of the traditional lime. You can adjust the sugar to taste.

    Recipe by: rolypoly

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    Perfect for a warm evening this is a super fruity icy strawberry daiquiri that is packed with strawberries and a touch or lemon, lime and rum.

    Recipe by: TBOND

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    The classic daiquiri. Good enough for company, good enough for any day of the week. You can build on this recipe by adding strawberries or mangoes or any fruit you have around. Cheers!

    Recipe by: CATKID

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    I love cocktails but I'm not into alcohol, so this is what I drink when I'm out on the town. Also works with frozen raspberries.

    Recipe by: Ann

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    My Christmas tradition - the mango daiquiri

    Recipe by: jpc55

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    Great daiquiri for a hot summers night. Its so easy to make I just love it.

    Recipe by: Eva_7

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    The daiquiri is considered one of the six 'basic cocktails.' This very is tart and refreshing, perfect for summer evenings.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    Classic daiquiris contain only lime juice, but I like to add a little blood orange juice for colour and sweetness.

    Recipe by: lucky

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