Barbecue Marinade

    Nothing brings out the best in a piece of meat like a good barbecue marinade. There are marinade recipes flavoured with fruit, citrus, herbs and/or spices.

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    Perfect for lamb, this is a quick and easy marinade recipe that combines honey, chilli, lemon and curry. You can cook outside on the BBQ or inside on the stove or under the grill.

    Recipe by: DIPAR

    72 reviews

    Good meaty vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms respond really well to barbecuing especially when marinated beforehand for an hour.

    Recipe by: Stackhawkley

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    This is a tasty marinade for beef or any style of ribs or any red meat really!

    Recipe by: bloodlust13

    60 reviews

    This is a great marinade for pork and chicken especially. It's really quick to make with normal cupboard ingredients.

    Recipe by: TULSA11

    23 reviews

    This is fantastic for marinating chicken, pork, or beef. My friend from Thailand gave me this recipe!

    Recipe by: SYNDI111

    79 reviews

    These pork chops are marinated in an Asian inspired marinade of soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, cumin and chilli paste then barbecued for a few minutes a side.

    Recipe by: itsjustaphase

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    Pork fillet is marinated in a deliciously sweet blend of real maple syrup, Dijon mustard and a hint of sesame oil.

    Recipe by: LESLEYCAN

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    Mouthwateringly good - these ribs will go down a treat. They do take time, but they make a sensational meal served with coleslaw, baked beans and/or your favourite green salad.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    This is the best BBQ marinade I have ever tasted! Perfect with pork, lamb and chicken! The tomato sauce may sound a bit strange but it brings it all together and gives it its stickiness.

    Recipe by: azwhayn

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    Quick and easy, and sensational on the barbecue, with a hint of summer and touch of the tropics.

    Recipe by: CountryFrog

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