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Pork is becoming a common and tasty addition to the BBQ menu with lots of recipe choices from pork tenderloin, pork chops and steaks to baby back ribs.

Top BBQ Pork Recipes

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These pork chops are brushed with a sauce of balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, brown sugar, garlic, Worcestershire and Dijon then barbecued until tender.

Recipe by: Sarah

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This is a great way to cook a loin rack roast on the BBQ using a basic rub then BBQ sauce as a glaze to finish. If you can add some smoking chips to the BBQ too for extra flavour.

Recipe by: BushCook

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This is the easiest recipe, but so delicious, the meat will fall off the bone.

Recipe by: MmmHunny

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Here's a quick and simple recipe for delicious pork loin medallions or chops. All you do is baste the meat with a sauce of butter, lemon juice and garlic. Very basic, yet you won't believe how moist and flavourful the chops will be. These can also be done in the frypan or under the griller.

Recipe by: Kellie

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Rosemary and time pair wonderfully with pork. Keep an eye on it on the barbecue, this is one of those occasions where a meat thermometer is really useful.

Recipe by: Party Chef

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