Cheese Muffins

    Savoury muffins are great, and a common favourite is the cheese muffin. There are many recipe variations including recipes with cheddar, cream cheese and blue cheese.

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    Lovely, bready, savoury, cheesy muffins, at their best when fresh out of the oven. A touch of paprika makes all the difference.

    Recipe by: Nicola Tarrant

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    This is a very quick and tasty morning tea taking 12-15 minutes to cook. Feel free to add to the basic recipe to make your own.

    Recipe by: bettyboob

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    If you are growing zucchinis this is a great recipe to use up any surplus. Cheese and bacon are the perfect combination for this tasty muffin.

    Recipe by: Pam-3BoysMama

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    Bacon goes well in everything so why not muffins. These are easy to make and a great savoury treat, sprinkle a little extra cheese on top if desired.

    Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

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    This is a very moist and light carrot muffin. It's not too sweet and not greasy like other carrot muffins or cakes. The icing is optional but recommended!

    Recipe by: BAKERAMA

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    These are an incredibly decedent chocolate muffin that are baked with a chocolate cheesecake filling for pure bliss.

    Recipe by: Jalay

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    These savoury muffins are easy with the addition of cheese and herbs to a basic muffin recipe. The muffins produced are great for afternoon picnics in the park.

    Recipe by: Lynn

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    Cream cheese adds a deliciously silky note to these chocolate chip muffins. Perfect for someone who doesn't want to be overwhelmed with chocolate.

    Recipe by: eggy

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    Bacon and zucchini combine beautifully in this savoury muffin recipe. Note: you don't have to precook the bacon or zucchini, but I like it a little browned.

    Recipe by: TanyaS

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    These delicious savoury muffins have spinach, red capsicum and feta cheese baked into them to make a yummy breakfast or just a savoury snack.

    Recipe by: kmy

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