Duck Salad

The duck breast is the meatiest part of the duck to cook with and is great when paired with the fresh ingredients of a salad.

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This is a quick and easy duck recipe that can be cooked either in a skillet or on the BBQ. Save the juices when slicing to drip onto the duck before serving.

Recipe by: TastyFood

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The rich flavour of duck meat is often best enjoyed with simple accompaniments. The cranberries and pecans in this recipe turn this 'anytime' duck into a Christmas favourite.

Recipe by: TastyFood

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This is one of the things I make with leftover duck when I roast one. It's simple, but really delicious. You could probably make it with chicken and turkey but I haven't tried.

Recipe by: spookylean

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If you can find duck confit (confit de canard) try making this spectacular duck salad for a special occasion. You can often find confit in gourmet markets.

Recipe by: annef

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Crunchy, refreshing iceberg is the perfect base for sweet rich plums and succulent duck. Ideal for entertaining or a weekend supper, and it’s low in saturated, fat, calories and sugar!

Recipe by: Ceres

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A fusion of delicious summery flavours, so easy to put together with shop bought smoked duck breast.

Recipe by: LP

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Crunchy apple and lettuce make a delicious base for fried duck breast, sliced and served warm with a red wine dressing.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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This easy Asian salad is a great way to use up leftover duck. With rocket, mango, red onion, been shoots, roast duck and an Asian soy and fish sauce dressing.

Recipe by: kmy

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The fat in duck makes it great for the BBQ and I use this recipe for my Christmas lunch making it a quick and easy outdoor option.

Recipe by: Launa

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This duck salad features radicchio, sometimes called Italian chicory, a deep red lettuce with a slightly bitter flavour. You can buy it at Woolworths and other supermarkets.

Recipe by: rolypoly

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