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There are many classic Italian bread recipes like focaccia, ciabatta, garlic & herb bread and panettone. You can also make traditional bread style pizza bases.

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5 reviews

Grated Pecorino Romano cheese and a little garlic add a delicious pungent note to this herb bread. You can also use the dough as a pizza base.

Recipe by: Ann Barr

10 reviews

Ciabatta bread is a classic from Italy that has lots of air pockets and a great crispy crust. This recipe has been adapted to be made in a bread maker.

Recipe by: Marina

7 reviews

Ciabatta is a fantastic slightly sour Italian bread. You don't have to use a baking stone to cook the bread, but I like to.

Recipe by: Benoit Hogue

10 reviews

This is a pizza base that you make in the bread machine. Semolina makes for a tastier, crispier crust.

Recipe by: Marian Collins

6 reviews

This is a basic Italian loaf. This recipe makes three loaves, so you can freeze some or give them away to your friends.

Recipe by: Christine Darrock

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How to make Focaccia
How to make Focaccia

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