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All these vegetable pie recipes are vegetarian. The selection includes traditional vegetable pies, vegetable tarts, quiches and other vegetable pastries.

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My kids love this easy quiche. I serve it with fresh fruits for a light weeknight supper or weekend lunch. Enjoy!


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Pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin is just the perfect dessert for any time of year, but especially good in the colder months. Watch it being made in the Allrecipes Pumpkin Pie Video.

Recipe by: Beth Sigworth

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My motto – “when the universe gives you lemons, make this lemon blender pie”! This pie, on the other hand, was absolutely to die for and ridiculously easy. You blend, pour and bake. It is crust-less, fuss-less, and no less than spectacular! It is so quick, easy, and delectable, that you will be keeping this recipe on hand for last minute emergency trough requirements again and again. I modified this recipe from one of my mum’s old favourites.

Recipe by: theblendergirl

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This savoury egg bake is filled with zucchini, Cheddar, onion, grated carrot and dill. It makes a lovely starter or can be served as a main course.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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Like mini sausage rolls but made with a spinach and feta filling. I used frozen spinach cos it was a better buy than fresh at the time but the equivalent amount of fresh spinach, chopped and wilted would do the job.

Recipe by: cassandra

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How to make Spinach and Ricotta Pie
How to make Spinach and Ricotta Pie

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