Champagne Punch

    A perfect drink for when you want an alcoholic punch but not one that's going to pack a big punch. Great recipes for Melbourne Cup, Christmas and summer occasions.

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    Every now and then you need something that is just a little different, or maybe just Blue? This is the perfect punch for just such an occasion.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    Perfect for a hot summers day this Champagne punch is garnished with a frozen fruit salad, and we all know that things have to be healthy if they contain fruit.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    A delicious clear, cold, non-alcoholic punch that we use at showers, weddings, receptions, etc., at our church. Best if all ingredients are ice cold.

    Recipe by: L Jarvis

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    Pomegranates have such a unique and delightful taste it only makes seance that we make a punch out of them.

    Recipe by: Launa

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    My grandfather used to make a huge bowl of this punch every Christmas. The recipe has been in the family for generations and it is delicious!

    Recipe by: Steve

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    White wine, sparkling wine, lemon - a simple yet delicious French cocktail that is always welcome as a summer refresher. Perfect when you expect a big crowd, and especially when the weather is warm!

    Recipe by: matoutina

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    A great punch for any party - summer or winter! Make sure to buy the kiwi fruit ahead of time. They should be very ripe and not too sour.

    Recipe by: Leckerschmecker

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    Champagne cup is a pleasant punch in any weather - but especially good in summer.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    This cocktail is flavoured by marinating apples, pears and oranges in gin and Grand Mariner before being topped up with dry and sparkling wine.

    Recipe by: carlos

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    When mango season comes around I like to make this cocktail then pour it over fresh ripe friut as a quick and easy adult dessert.

    Recipe by: Launa

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