Champagne Punch

A perfect drink for when you want an alcoholic punch but not one that's going to pack a big punch. Great recipes for Melbourne Cup, Christmas and summer occasions.

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This classic drink is a must whether it's Christmas, Mother's Day or a simple weekend brunch. The mix of champagne and orange juice tones down the alcohol and gives a pretense of healthiness! Cheers!

Recipe by: MRCW4U

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Vodka-soaked watermelon mixed with champagne, ginger ale and orange juice. The alcohol can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. As my friend who makes this says, "think Bolly-Stoli, but it's more likely Smirnoff-Carrington!" You can garnish or top with mint leaves too. Hello New Year!

Recipe by: leon

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I love watermelon in the summer, it is the perfect snack for a hot, sunny day. I was inspired to make my favourite summer snack into a cocktail. This sweet, fresh, pink hued champagne cocktail is not too alcoholic and great to serve at a barbie. It's best if you can chill the watermelon overnight.

Recipe by: kookinkitten

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This champagne punch recipe is perfect for Christmas or New Year's. Place in a punch bowl with pineapple pieces and ladle carefully into champagne flutes so as not to destroy too many bubbles.

Recipe by: fabrice

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Champagne cup is a pleasant punch in any weather - but especially good in summer.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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This cocktail is flavoured by marinating apples, pears and oranges in gin and Grand Mariner before being topped up with dry and sparkling wine.

Recipe by: carlos

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When mango season comes around I like to make this cocktail then pour it over fresh ripe friut as a quick and easy adult dessert.

Recipe by: Launa

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Pear nectar balances out the acidity of grapefruit juice in this delicious champagne punch recipe. You can use pink grapefruit juice for the vivid colour if you like.

Recipe by: lucky

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Peach and champagne are the ingredients in the classic Bellini cocktail (although the original uses Prosecco, which is similar).

Recipe by: Robert2

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I love orange and mango juice but find it is even better when mixed with champagne. If you don't think too hard it can even be considered healthy ;)

Recipe by: Launa

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