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Refreshing punch recipes you can make for a party for either alcoholic or non alcoholic punch.

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Vodka-soaked watermelon mixed with champagne, ginger ale and orange juice. The alcohol can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. As my friend who makes this says, "think Bolly-Stoli, but it's more likely Smirnoff-Carrington!" You can garnish or top with mint leaves too. Hello New Year!

Recipe by: leon

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This is the drink I always make for my kids birthday parties, but you'll be surprised by how much adults love it too!

Recipe by: Ruth Perkins

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Black tea gives this fruit punch a very exotic flavour despite the ingredients being commonly available. A great party drink for a summer garden party or barbecue.


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This is a no-alcohol punch but you can add champagne for a kick! We have done this for various functions over summer and it always goes down well even with the kids. This gets made up and put in the esky and served through the day. It's best if you can chill all the ingredients beforehand.

Recipe by: dezel

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This is the traditional mulled wine served at Christmas in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. This is the adult version!

Recipe by: MYLEEN

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An easy fruit punch that goes great at any family party or special occasion. You can use any combination of fruit you wish.

Recipe by: MITCHG

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The refreshing mix of fruit, soft drink, red wine and brandy make Sangria a refreshing and mellow summer punch. You can use lemonade, soda water or ginger ale as the soft drink.


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A nice tropical punch that be extended by adding more juice/water or be more like a smoothie by adding less!

Recipe by: Diana

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This punch can be simmered on the stove, but using a slow cooker to prepare this allows the aroma to be savored for hours. You can adjust the lemon juice to taste.

Recipe by: Bea

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Because of the bright juice flavours of orange and pineapple this punch is a favourite for brunch. Passionfruit and mango nectar make it positively tropical.

Recipe by: rolypoly

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