Condensed Milk Fudge

    It's very easy to make deliciously creamy peanut fudge and chocolate fudge with condensed milk as the special ingredient.

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    This quick and easy fudge tastes like a bit like lime cheesecake. A lovely food gift or delicious crowd-pleasing party dessert.

    Recipe by: grampnana

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    Chocolate, condensed milk, pistachios and Cherry Ripe are all you need to make this yummy fudge. It's a great treat at Christmas.

    Recipe by: Brookstarr

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    This is extremely simple to make in the microwave and the cranberries and almonds add a special touch. This makes a good homemade gift for Christmas.

    Recipe by: southernbaglady

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    This super easy fudge has chocolate, almonds, butter and sweetened condensed milk all melted together then chilled to set. You can even add desiccated coconut.

    Recipe by: Kilda

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    Tried a few different recipes, so fiddled around and like this one, it uses 3 types of chocolate, dark, milk and white.

    Recipe by: JulesPsaila

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