Condensed Milk Fudge

    It's very easy to make deliciously creamy peanut fudge and chocolate fudge with condensed milk as the special ingredient.

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    This is a four ingredient fudge, super easy to make and delicious. You can use almonds instead of pecans which also work well.

    Recipe by: Angela

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    Scottish tablet may be too sweet for some people, it is a complete sugar rush. I bet the kids will love it!

    Recipe by: celticfc1888

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    This is the easiest and most delicious Chocolate Fudge recipe ever! It takes about 5 minutes to make and 2 hours to set in the fridge which makes it an easy party food recipe, for when you have a last minute invite somewhere or for when you just feel like something sweet!!!

    Recipe by: LisaZ

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    You can make this easy fudge-like sweet using salted peanuts if you like. This will give it a slightly salty bite.

    Recipe by: RitaT

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    An awesome tasting recipe. that you came dress up or down depending on the invent.

    Recipe by: emrocks

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    There's a lot of chocolate in this fudge, also condensed milk and marshmallows to make it a real treat. Great for Christmas presents, birthday parties or for your next cake stall.

    Recipe by: twest

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    Brigadeiros are the Brazilian version of chocolate fudge, easy to make with condensed milk and cocoa powder.

    Recipe by: ROMINA_BR

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    This is a microwave version of an Indian sweet called Nariyal Burfi. It's not fudge per se but the texture is similar. You could also substitute unsalted pistachios for almonds if you wish.

    Recipe by: Lola in the Kitchen

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    I love making fudge in my slow cooker! It is simple and tastes amazing. It is quite rich which isn't a bad thing as you should in theory eat less! You do need to be around for the whole time it is cooking to stir it, so not like usual slow cooker recipes.

    Recipe by: LianasKitchen

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    Really easy recipe combining white chocolate, condensed milk, chocbits and peppermint essence. Add a bit of colour and you have a sinfully delicious treat, made in 1 bowl.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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