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There are many great fish soup recipes such as American cioppino, French bouillabaisse, Vietnamese or Thai sour fish soup and all manner of chowders.

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Fish Chowder
Fish Chowder   (22)

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A variety of vegetables ensures that this wonderful soup is as healthy as it is delicious. The broth can be prepared a day in advance, ready for adding the fish at the last minute, which is useful when cooking midweek. Planning ahead like this means a healthy dinner can be on the table in minutes.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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Homemade fish stock adds a wonderful depth of flavour to seafood soups, stews and chowders. Watch this recipe being made in our Allrecipes Fish Stock Video.

Recipe by: Brandon

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A delicious easy fish soup that's known as Ukha in Russia called Ukha.

Recipe by: Byakin

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Fish chowder makes a hearty dish for cold days. The addition of potatoes, carrots and celery make this a meal in itself.

Recipe by: KENULIA

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This cod chowder is as easy as. Using cod, potatoes, onion and some tins of creamed corn, this chowder makes a great dinner or side.

Recipe by: Darlene

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How to Make White Fish Stock
How to Make White Fish Stock

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