Mango Salsa (33)

    There is nothing quite like mango in a salsa. It's healthy, beautifully coloured and a burst of flavour in your mouth.

    Top Mango Salsa Recipes

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    Hot, spicy and sweet; this summery mango salsa made with barbecued onion, fresh coriander and hot chilli peppers is great with fish or pork chops, or simply with tortilla chips. If habanero chillies are not available, use dried red chilli flakes or finely chopped small red chillies to suit your taste.

    Recipe by: Mike F

    20 reviews

    This is a sweet salsa that makes a tropical topping for barbecued meats or fish. Add minced red chillies if you want to add some heat.

    Recipe by: SUBEAR

    176 reviews

    Sweet and hot salsa with mangoes, chilli and avocado. Use red capsicums instead of chillies if you want a mild version. Make this close to serving time.

    Recipe by: Six Pack to Go

    237 reviews

    Tuna is marinated in a simple lemon garlic combination before being dusted with a homemade spice rub then gently fried or BBQed, so simple, so tasty.

    Recipe by: AcadiaBoi

    27 reviews

    This salsa can be used on fish as well as chicken! Be sure your mangoes are ripe for the best flavour.

    Recipe by: Rimi