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    Aromatic rosemary is frequently used in Mediterranean recipes and is a perfect accompaniment to roast lamb, chicken and vegetables.

    Top Rosemary Recipes

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    Roasted red potatoes are a very simple and elegant side dish. Substitute 1 teaspoon dried rosemary if you do not have fresh rosemary.

    Recipe by: BELLAROUGE

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    You can cook your potatoes in the roasting pan around the roast and make a gravy using the juices. The only other thing you need is some fresh veggies.

    Recipe by: MBENHAM

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    Impress your friends with a juicy rack of lamb – they need never know just how easy it is to cook this dish.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

    114 reviews

    This recipe keeps your turkey moist and full of flavour. You can also use this recipe for chicken.

    Recipe by: Star Pooley

    28 reviews

    Roasted almonds are good anyway - try this simple technique of baking them with garlic and rosemary to make the perfect party snack.

    Recipe by: KINDERQUEEN

    Rosemary Videos

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      Honey and Rosemary Soda Bread
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      Bacon and Rosemary Stuffed Mushrooms
    • videoTitle
      Roast Chicken
    • videoTitle
      Roast Lamb
    • videoTitle
      Roast Lamb
    • videoTitle
      Red Potato Roasties with Rosemary
    • videoTitle
      Homemade Rosemary Focaccia Bread

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