Vegetarian Christmas (45)

There are some great recipes for a vegetarian Christmas that still contain many of the Christmas elements such as cranberries and chestnuts. Plus a tofu turkey!

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Brown rice, lentils, breadcrumbs, onions and tomatoes are combined with eggs and herbs and then baked. Vegemite makes a great beef stock substitute. Sprinkle with extra grated cheese and bake uncovered for an additional 5 minutes for a cheesy top. Meat for the veggos!

Recipe by: sal

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Making a delicious and festive breakfast for christmas is a breeze with these quick and easy mini frittatas. They are quick to cook, taste great and are prepped in advance and served cold.

Recipe by: tastyfood

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This is a great festive looking quiche recipe that can be served up at Christmas time. It works really well as a vegetarian option if you're serving meat.

Recipe by: TastyFood

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Every Christmas I have stuffing leftover from the turkey, duck or chicken, now I am prepared, I cook it in a butternut pumpkin. It is so popular now I make it from scratch through the year as a family dinner in its self.

Recipe by: MumAndMe

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This vegan version of my mum's sensational brandy cream recipe can be made in five minutes and is utterly divine. This cream is delicious poured over Christmas pudding, fruit cake or berries. I deliberately kept this blend mild to accommodate children, and those people not fond of a really strong brandy flavour.

Recipe by: theblendergirl

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