Kimchi is a Korean traditional side dish made of fermented vegetables with a variety of seasonings, typically this is cabbage but can also be radish, spring onions or cucumber.

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This is a great patty that is made from kimchi and onion in a flour batter. Once fried it is served with a dipping sauce.

Recipe by: Anne

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An easy introduction to the world of kimchi. I'm only making a small jar about the same as a slender, but tall sterilised olive jar.

Recipe by: such34244

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This is a recipe for the excellent Korean pickle made of cabbage called Back Kim chi. Deliciously spicy!

Recipe by: Ann Lee

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This is a simple recipe for the famous Korean Kim Chi. It is like a chilli cabbage preserve, this recipe calls for the cabbage to be salted four hours before the sauce being added.

Recipe by: Anne

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This is a great Korean style stir fry that features firm tofu, enoki mushrooms, kimchi, baby corn and bamboo shoots.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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This is a tasty, simple and quick vegan dish originating from Korea where it is known as 'Kimchi Bokeum'.

Recipe by: Anne

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This is a rich and wholesome Chinese stew (or hot pot) that is packed with flavour and pork, kimchi, tofu, mushrooms and vermicelli.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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Beef stir fried with spices and kimchi is a wonderful Korean dish. Serve for lunch or dinner with freshly cooked white rice.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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This watery kim chi is lighter and more flavoursome than some other kim chi recipes making it good to eat during the hotter months.

Recipe by: Anne

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An easy summer burger to enjoy outdoors. Simple to prepare, good to eat. This recipe is from my niece, who experimented, and came up with it. It is now a family favourite.

Recipe by: PenangLassie

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