Microwave Chicken

    Chicken is popular for dinner so it makes sense that there are microwave chicken recipes such as chicken risotto, stews, nachos and chicken casserole.

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    These tacos have shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, spring onion, black olives, avocado, colby cheese and a ranch sauce on top a of a tortilla.

    Recipe by: serenebeader

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    This is a quick and easy microwave recipe for chicken that keeps in lots of flavour and moisture. You can adjust the herbs to whatever you want. Serve with the side dishes of your choice.

    Recipe by: MINDERK

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    A simple four ingredient microwave curry.

    Recipe by: Renee Halfon

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    This is a delicious microwave chicken recipe is flavoured with parmesan, white wine and lemon pepper.

    Recipe by: Alice Birrell

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    Coronation chicken is a sandwich filling that is delicious and simple. There are no set quantities for the ingredients, it is up to your personal taste.

    Recipe by: jokamac

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    You've never made a whole chicken like this before! This is an very spicy recipe where the all the work is done the day before cooking, making it perfect for large occasions.

    Recipe by: kavya8484

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    This healthy microwave risotto is so easy you can make it anywhere with little effort and no fancy appliances needed. Great for leftover roast chicken.

    Recipe by: Cass

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    Whenever I have a craving for KFC chicken I make this. I worked there as a kid and this is a lovely family quick recipe that is a healthier version.... Sounds bizarre but tastes good!

    Recipe by: emberlie

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    This is a truly wonderful recipe for chicken. I have given it to countless friends. It makes a tasty meal when served along with a salad, a vegetable and rolls.

    Recipe by: Lucille Cole

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    An excellent microwave chicken dish. Can be done ahead of time and refrigerated. The sauce produced is very tasty! If desired, use an additional slice of Swiss cheese on each serving for an even creamier dish. Refrigerate any leftovers. When ready to serve again, repeat microwave cooking procedure as below.

    Recipe by: William Anatooskin

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