Microwave Eggs

    For a quick high protein snack or meal why not try microwaving an egg? Whether cooked in a bowl or a cup or as an omelette they are an easy recipe choice.

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    This is a great way to make a quick-and-easy breakfast for one person. I add ham and capsicum-but you can vary that depending on what's in the fridge.

    Recipe by: Susan Adair

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    I wanted something quick and easy to prepare for breakfast at work and this fits the bill beautifully, especially if you have only got a microwave oven and no stove available. This is so easy and delicious, I shouldn't be sharing it. The trick to making this work well is to cook it in the microwave twice.

    Recipe by: johnlmac1956

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    Using the microwave makes clean up easy on busy days. The addition of ham and cheese makes this a kid pleaser. Add spicy sausage and chives for a more grown up version. You can also top with some fresh veggies - tomatoes, capsicum - after cooking to make it a more filling meal.

    Recipe by: simon1978

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    This easy and quick recipe is great on lazy weekends and just as good before work, or in the kids case, before school. If your child can operate a microwave then they can do this!

    Recipe by: kooky_cook

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    This quick and easy frittata recipe is cooked in the microwave and is great for last minute Sunday brunches. Serve with a green salad.

    Recipe by: SUNEDAN

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    You can make a delicious pie in the microwave, and this recipe proves it! You can make your own crust if you prefer it to pre-made.

    Recipe by: WESLEY MURKS

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    I'm not a morning person so I hate to have to work hard before lunch but I love to have a good breakfast. So what I usually make is this easy omelette that anyone can do.

    Recipe by: sasa

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