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    Coleslaw never goes out of fashion! It is great for barbecues, potlucks and parties with a range of recipes including different vegetables and dressings.

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    This fresh-tasting coleslaw is made with white cabbage, carrot and radishes, flecked with spring onions, sultanas and peanuts.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    Preparing this coleslaw is easy. The only tricky part is waiting! It just tastes much better if you give it time to chill and let the flavours blend. Adding onion comes down to a personal preference, or you could use red onion or spring onions if you prefer.

    Recipe by: CoOkInGnUt

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    This coleslaw has almost every colour of the rainbow in it with fresh ingredients like red cabbage, carrots, capsicum and coriander.

    Recipe by: Doug Matthews

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    This easy coleslaw has a sweet and tangy blend of Asian flavours, and takes only a few minutes to make. Make it early in the day, and it will be a great with dinner. Refreshing and delicious, it's an ideal summer side dish!

    Recipe by: TOPROCKMAN

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    This is a great recipe from Germany. The dressing is vinegar based and doesn't use oil (or mayonnaise), so it is low in calories, but high in flavour!

    Recipe by: Paula

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