Caesar Salad (21)

    A caesar salad makes a great side salad or it can be a meal in itself. There are variety of recipes but most contain the basic combination of lettuce and croutons.

    Top Caesar Salad Recipes

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    Caesar salad is a popular side salad and main but they are often simplified versions of the truly outrageous version here that is made from scratch.

    Recipe by: Jeff Winett

    74 reviews

    This is a light dinner salad recipe that is perfect for summer and extra flavourful with the addition of bacon.

    Recipe by: Melissa Bellemare

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    This is a simple, stripped down version of Caesar salad with very assertive flavours from anchovies, garlic and Worcestershire.

    Recipe by: Yolli

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    A lovely and simple dressing recipe for Caesar salad dressing involving anchovies, garlic, egg, lemon, mustard and Worcestershire. Serve over lettuce and croutons.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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    In this Caesar salad recipe the classic croutons are replaced with garlic roasted potatoes. Travesty? Try it and judge for yourself.

    Recipe by: kate

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