Goat meat is not as common in Australia and New Zealand as it is in other countries but there are still some great goat recipes you can try, including curried goat.

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    In Jamaican goat curry is a national dish. This is a good recipe you can try if you ever have some goat you want to cook.

    Recipe by: SloeWolf

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    This is a recipe for goat curry but it works equally well with lamb. Black pepper is found in abundance in Kerala (south India), coupled with curry leaves it takes goat to a whole new level.

    Recipe by: Tarama

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    Sticking to a budget means looking at cheaper cuts of meat. Goat or Kid works great in a curry and is very reasonable buy a the butcher. (under $5 per Kilo) This recipe will fill your home will aromatic spice. I hope you enjoy.

    Recipe by: Katch22

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    This is a very soothing dish with a stew-like consistency and some heat from the spices. Serve with rice and chapati.

    Recipe by: piku

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    This is a family favourite. If you can't find curd, you can substitute sour cream. Serve with rice and chapati bread.

    Recipe by: pragatim

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    This would be great to serve with couscous; alternatively, you could add some potato chunks to the pan halfway through the cooking.

    Recipe by: Always Cooking Up Something

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    This goat curry is a fragrant mix of coriander, cumin and other spices. The flavours of the this curry will develop as it sits, so try to make it two days ahead.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    A simple way to cook roast lamb or goat with amazing North African flavours. If you have preserved lemons add a few slices with the garlic as well. Allow a couple of hours for marinating and 3-4 hours for cooking.

    Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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    This spicy goat stew hails from the Dutch Antilles where it is called kabritu stoba. Serve over rice or potatoes.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    If you've never tried goat curry before you are in for a treat. This curry is very warming, richly flavourful and delicious! Great for winter.

    Recipe by: Priyanka

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