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    Oats are a great yet underutilized grain that are perfect for cookies, slices, crumbles and of course the traditional recipe of porridge.

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    These are a great banana, oat and walnut cupcake (or small muffin) that is made from scratch with simple and wholesome ingredients.

    Recipe by: AAMMEGAN

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    Enjoy crispy, crunchy granola clusters without any added sugar or sugar substitutes. You can vary the nuts and seeds to take advantage of what you have in the cupboard.

    Recipe by: elsaw

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    Very quick and simple oat biscuits for serving with morning or afternoon tea. You can double the recipe if you like.

    Recipe by: Amber

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    Oats help protect your heart by lowering cholesterol levels. These drop biscuits are easy to make and very delicious.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    The oats make this a delicious thick tomato soup made even tastier with garlic and fresh coriander. Great for cold days.

    Recipe by: AlejandraGomez

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      Crunchy sugar free granola AU

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