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There are many popular creamy pasta sauces that can be used on any type of pasta. The creaminess can be provided by cream, sour cream or even coconut milk.

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No reviews

A very kid friendly pasta with only four ingredients. It's the simplest meal to make there is I am sure!

Recipe by: opal~/~dragonfly

13 reviews

My family love this creamy bacon pasta and its a great quick meal. Serve with grated Parmesan and salad.

Recipe by: Sarah W. Lennox

10 reviews

This is my hearty "bowl of comfort" to eat while curled up in front of TV on a winter's evening....and it's so easy to throw together! You could even add mushrooms, eschallots or even spinach for a variation.

Recipe by: Linda

8 reviews

This is a quick and easy pasta dish that tastes as good as anything you can get in a restaurant. The family will love it!

Recipe by: STEPH477

7 reviews

Is this the easiest pasta sauce ever? Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. Serve over your favorite pasta.

Recipe by: Kimber

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How to make Bechamel Sauce
How to make Bechamel Sauce

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