Halloween Treats (31)

    It is always nice to have a few treats on hand at Halloween whether it is for trick and treat or a themed party.

    Top Halloween Treat Recipes

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    Needless to say, kids love the look of these biscuits and adults love the taste. Disgustingly perfect for a Halloween party.

    Recipe by: Sandra

    734 reviews

    These eerie shortbread-style biscuits look like witches' fingers and are perfect for your Halloween party!

    Recipe by: Sandra

    289 reviews

    These are whimsical and fun treats that all kids will love. Chocolate mice are rolled in chocolate biscuit crumbs for a realistic look.

    Recipe by: Rosina

    6 reviews

    These creepy Halloween eyeballs are slimy, disgusting and delicious. Make a great cocktail decoration or just a yucky snack for kids.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

    106 reviews

    This is a great recipe for homemade Crunchie (TM). It is a simple and delicious honeycomb covered in chocolate and can be served as a Halloween snack.

    Recipe by: Debbie

    Halloween Treats Videos

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      Finger Biscuits for Halloween
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      Halloween Cupcakes

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