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Christmas Salad (23)

With Christmas in the heat of summer a salad makes a great choice to serve with your Christmas lunch, these Christmas salads promote the Christmas colours.

Top Christmas Salad Recipes

1 review

I love this salad - it's simple and delicious.

Recipe by: bocconcini

17 reviews

This brown rice salad recipe is made every Christmas without fail. It is a favourite of every member of the family, and whenever we have guests, they remark on the flavour of this beautiful colourful brown rice salad as well. Goes great with a bbq, other crisp leaf salads, cold meat, just about everything, use as a side dish or as a main with other salads and meat. The green and red capsicum and the black raisins make it a very colourful salad.

Recipe by: Alamay

2 reviews

A cute little canape to maximise the flavours of the famous Italian combination. Great fingerfood recipe for parties.

Recipe by: figandcherry

2 reviews

This is a tasty side dish, best served after a couple of hours refrigeration. Great if you need to bring a salad for a BBQ. I always make it for Christmas lunch.

Recipe by: jo and tae

2 reviews

Bocconcini's mild taste goes well with tomato and basil in this easy summer side dish. This dish also has black olives, parsley and fresh ground pepper.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

Christmas Salad Videos

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