Bolognese Sauce (54)

    Bolognese is the meat-based pasta sauces served on pasta such as spaghetti. Try our basic bolognese sauce, ham bolognese, or BBQ sausage bolognese.

    Top Bolognese Sauce Recipes

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    This is a lower carb and gluten free version of the family favourite spaghetti bolognese. It is a healthy option, but kids still love it.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

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    This is what i grew up with, and still is the best spaghetti bog! We got the recipe off an Italian couple and adapted a few things to make it even better!

    Recipe by: emmie88

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    A true bolognese requires a mix of meats and some milk. My version has veal, pork, beef and pancetta.

    Recipe by: Mike Oxsolong

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    This simple recipe is a cross between the classic macaroni and cheese and spaghetti bolognese. Who could resist that?

    Recipe by: gravenkiss*

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    This is my variation on the classic Italian recipe + lots of variations (see substitution section). I used to always use bought pasta sauces until I realised how much better it is making your own and it's just as easy! My family has diverse tastes so depending on who I'm cooking for decides which version I make! Vegetarian for my mum, meaty for my brother, traditional for my dad etc...

    Recipe by: chorazy

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      Meat Sauce for Lasagne

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