Toasted Sandwich (36)

    There's nothing like a toasted sandwich, whether it's a quick snack or an elaborate lunch. Recipes can be as simple or complex as you like.

    Top Toasted Sandwich Recipes

    81 reviews

    I came up with this sandwich on my own after I decided to experiment with some ingredients from the fridge. My husband absolutely loved it! Sprinkling the outside of the sandwich before frying really makes it.

    Recipe by: LORIMCLAREN

    2 reviews

    These luscious fried sandwiches make a splendid snack with a glass of wine.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    2 reviews

    This easy and tasty ham and Swiss sammy has ham, tomato, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard in toasted bread. Makes a great lunch alone or with soup and salad.

    Recipe by: kmy

    4 reviews

    This open faced toasted cheese sandwich is delicious as a quick snack or midnight feast. Also good as a healthy lunch for the kids. The secret ingredient is peanut butter!

    Recipe by: ANNE DUNCAN

    136 reviews

    This toasted sammie is stuffed with cream cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapeno chillies, Colby cheese and crushed up corn chips then toasted to golden brown.

    Recipe by: BrandyE

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