Feta (197)

    Feta (also spelled fetta) is a versatile Greek cheese ideal in salads and sandwiches as well as recipes like spanakopita, spinach feta triangles.

    Top Feta Recipes

    26 reviews

    A lovely fresh salad to serve on the side or as a main with potatoes. Make a couple of hours to roast the tomatoes beforehand.

    Recipe by: Andypoc

    3 reviews

    If you enjoy cheese making try this homemade feta cheese recipe. It's not so hard once you have the ingredients.

    Recipe by: Jackie

    10 reviews

    Absolutely delicious spinach and feta lasagne which is quick to make and forgiving on quantities, and you can add other vegetables. Meat eaters will enjoy it too!!

    Recipe by: alyshab

    240 reviews

    A warm pasta salad with spinach, feta and and black olives. Wilt the spinach by pouring the pasta water over it. I usually serve this warm but it makes a good cold salad as well.

    Recipe by: Kim Fusich

    40 reviews

    Freshly whisked eggs fried over high heat until cooked though then topped with a creamy feta mixture. This omelette makes a delicious breakfast or quick lunch.

    Recipe by: Wessam Zaki

    Feta Videos

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      Spicy Baked Feta
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      Crispy Sesame Feta Fingers
    • videoTitle
      Homemade Feta Cheese Recipe
    • videoTitle
      Homemade Feta Cheese Recipe
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      Greek Salad
    • videoTitle
      Capsicum and Feta Hummus

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