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Feta (also spelled fetta) is a versatile Greek cheese ideal in salads and sandwiches as well as recipes like spanakopita, spinach feta triangles.

Top Feta Recipes

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Chilli Feta is a traditional Greek meze. It could not be easier to make yet is still impressive. The feta is sprinkled with chilli flakes and olive oil then grilled.

Recipe by: Diana

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If you enjoy cheese making try this homemade feta cheese recipe. It's not so hard once you have the ingredients. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Feta Cheese Video.

Recipe by: Jackie

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Here's simple creamy side that combines an Alfredo base with peas and feta cheese. Perfect for any chicken, pork or fish main, just to name a few.

Recipe by: Continental


Freshly whisked eggs fried over high heat until cooked though then topped with a creamy feta mixture. This omelette makes a delicious breakfast or quick lunch.

Recipe by: Wessam Zaki


Absolutely delicious spinach and feta lasagne which is quick to make and forgiving on quantities, and you can add other vegetables. Meat eaters will enjoy it too!!

Recipe by: alyshab

Feta Videos

How to Make Feta Cheese

How to Make Feta Cheese

How to Make Greek Salad

How to Make Greek Salad

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