Black Forest Cake

A classic - Black Forest Cake made with chocolate, whipped cream and cherries. Looking for the flavor, but not the trouble? Try the the easy variation.

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There's no cake quite so impressive as the Black Forest cake and it's not hard to make at home. Perfect for birthdays or Valentine's Day.

Recipe by: Linda Greer

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This cake is extra special when made with clear, unsweetened cherry liqueur (kirsch). If kirsch is not available, brandy is an acceptable substitute.

Recipe by: Valinda

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I adapted another cupcake recipe of mine to make these rich and moist black forest cupcakes for my husband on valentines day. He loved them and I hope you do too.

Recipe by: CheekyKiwi

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This classic cake recipe will please everyone! It's very straightforward to make and comes out well. Serve with whipped cream if desired.

Recipe by: REB_99

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This chocolate cake is a little lighter than most, being based on firmly beaten egg whites. It is still rich tasting.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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I got this recipe when I was working in Germany. It's kind of like a Black Forest cake but rolled. It is so rich and delicious - you just will not believe it! It takes a little time, but its worth it.

Recipe by: BLUEMAN

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This is amazing - black cherries set on top of a Baileys flavoured chocolate cheesecake. It seems extra indulgent but is made with light cream cheese base so isn't as bad as it first seems - kilojoule-wise. Or that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Recipe by: jennjack

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Oh My! This gluten free version is a delightful cheesecake - not too sweet, just the right mix of creamy cheese and cherries! A family favourite.

Recipe by: Shell_Out

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Rich triple layer chocolate cake sprinkled with cherry brandy, filled with cream and cherries and topped with chocolate icing. It is a wonderful version of a Black Forest Cake.

Recipe by: sandra ber

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