Baked Custard (31)

    There are a wide range of baked custard recipes the most commonly known being crème brûlée, but there are easy baked custards in tarts, flans and pastries.

    Top Baked Custard Recipes

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    This is an easy dessert with condensed milk, eggs and coconut combined then baked in a cake like custard with caramel on top.

    Recipe by: kikine2008

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    Super simple custard tarts, very easy to make using frozen puff pastry. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the recipe, these are addictive!

    Recipe by: John J. Pacheco

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    A lovely custard pie with chopped rhubarb and fresh strawberries. Very simple to make with premade shortcrust pastry.

    Recipe by: AMLIW

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    A delicious traditional dessert which only has a few ingredients. Best when fresh rhubarb is coming into season.

    Recipe by: phaylock

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    This is a creamy and fruity baked dessert with puff pastry, custard and cherries. You can substitute the cherries for just about any fruit.

    Recipe by: susanbl

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