Ganache is a rich combination of cream and chocolate, recipes vary with additional flavours, chocolate types and applications such as an icing or in truffles.

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    These are a French style of truffle which is predominantly a chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa powder. Simply delicious, for greatest enjoyment eat cold.

    Recipe by: sal_here

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    The ultimate in chocolate treats! A flourless chocolate cake, with a rich chocolate ganache coating. If you're not after the full chocolate richness that this provides, leave off the chocolate ganache, simply sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with freshly whipped cream and berries.

    Recipe by: SNOWCAT749

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    Here's a recipe for making your own rich ganache, which is a is a mixture of cream and chocolate. Ganache can be made thick enough to use as a truffle filling or thin enough to use as a glaze for a cake.

    Recipe by: CCACHEF

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    A delicious chocolate ganache glaze for topping cakes, cupcakes or anything you and think of. This rich and decadent recipes is the same one the bakeries use.

    Recipe by: PASTRYCHICK101

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    Fabulous icing for Chocolate Cake. Your finger will find itself dipped and heading to your mouth!

    Recipe by: DebbieN

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    The perfect dessert when you want a fancy result with minimal effort. Allow at least 3 hours to set, after that serve with cream or ice cream and let the silky rich tart do the biz.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Smooth, creamy chocolate ganache combines with soft, moist, rich chocolate cake to create a match made in heaven and a cake that is perfect for any occasion, especially birthdays.

    Recipe by: LilyDg

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    This is the best chocolate icing / ganache ever, literally! I actually don't think I've ever tried one as nice as this! When I invented this recipe I bettered myself.

    Recipe by: lucy-IOI

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    A yummy flourless chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache poured on top, making it a gluten free delight.

    Recipe by: citychick

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    A straightforward ganache but a lovely combination of white chocolate and lemon and orange zest. So easy and so rich.

    Recipe by: Hann

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