Ganache (20)

    Ganache is a rich combination of cream and chocolate, recipes vary with additional flavours, chocolate types and applications such as an icing or in truffles.

    Top Ganache Recipes

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    Sour cream adds a tangy note to a ganache icing. This is perfect whether on cakes or cupcakes or muffins.

    Recipe by: KatieMac

    860 reviews

    This is a very rich chocolate ganache icing recipe which can be poured over a cake or whisked until fluffy.

    Recipe by: INGRIDEVOGEL

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    Chocolate ganache is a critical foundation recipe that is then used in a multitude of applications including, cake icing, fillings and even to make truffles.

    Recipe by: INGRIDEVOGEL

    103 reviews

    If you are a chocolate lover this is the perfect recipe for you. The ganache is rich and is perfectly matched with the touch of brandy.

    Recipe by: Sandra Bennett

    140 reviews

    This is the ultimate cake recipe for the chocolate lover, chocolate cake, chocolate icing and chocolate ganache. Serve with fresh raspberries, if desired.

    Recipe by: ELIZABETHBH

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