Sorbet is a great ice based dessert that’s perfect for hot summer days. Recipes incorporate seasonal fruits and tastes creating a large variety to choose from.

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    Global Cuisine

    6 reviews

    This is a very quick and easy sorbet to make - just blend the ingredients together and freeze in the ice cream maker.

    Recipe by: Macry

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    Raspberry and coconut combine to create a wonderful simple and cold dessert. Best of all; you don't need an ice cream maker.

    Recipe by: anchel79

    56 reviews

    This delicious sorbet combines basil and lime in a perfect, light dessert. Easy to make without an ice cream maker.

    Recipe by: Mark Logan

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    This delicious and refreshing sorbet is made using an ice-cream maker.

    Recipe by: Bearskat

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    Fresh ripe strawberries are blended and mixed with cranberry juice then frozen to make a delicious summer treat. A dairy free alternative to ice cream.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

    3 reviews

    I was looking for a way to use up some zucchini and I came up with the idea of turning it into a sorbet with lemon. It is beautiful and tasty! My son had no idea he was eating his least favourite vegetable!

    Recipe by: JohnC

    5 reviews

    This is a rather sophisticated dessert that is ideal for your next special dinner. It features lavender and peaches in a homemade sorbet.

    Recipe by: The Magpie

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    These delicious fruits provide plenty of vitamin C. Orange-fleshed melons supply beta-carotene; watermelon has lycopene, another carotenoid.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

    3 reviews

    This is a deliciously different blackberry sorbet. Due to the 1/2 cup wine, this sorbet will not freeze hard, so serve it out of the freezer as soon as possible.

    Recipe by: Robert

    4 reviews

    A light champagne sorbet is served with fresh strawberries and blueberries for a fabulous tasting but easy summer dessert. Serve in glasses.

    Recipe by: TjB

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