Thyme (37)

    Thyme is one of the most versatile herbs you can keep in your kitchen. Use as a bouquet garni in soups and stews or add to lamb or other meats for a wonderful aroma.

    Top Thyme Recipes

    55 reviews

    Chicken and lemon are a great combination and this recipe adds fresh thyme for an extra flavour boost. This is great as a main dish with rice or in a salad.

    Recipe by: BEE_QUEEN

    55 reviews

    This Mediterranean recipe can be barbecued or grilled. Fresh rosemary can be used instead of thyme for this simple lamb recipe.

    Recipe by: Diane

    41 reviews

    This is my preferred method for roasting whole chickens for Sunday lunches and get-togethers. Fresh thyme makes all the difference.

    Recipe by: SABRINATEE

    256 reviews

    Delicious and easy recipe for snow peas! Thyme compliments the fresh snow pea flavour. Try sugar snap peas too. Serve with oven baked sesoned tomatoes, grilled lamb cutlets or salmon steaks.

    Recipe by: CJCOLLINS

    79 reviews

    Chicken wrapped in greaseproof paper to trap all the wonderful juices keeps beautifully moist! A very easy meal for any occasion when served hot or cold.

    Recipe by: Helen H

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