Green Olives

Green olives are great choice in cooking with a variety of recipes including many popular appetisers and nibbles including olive puffs and olive salads.

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Cod or your favourite white fish simmered in passata sauce with fresh cloves of garlic, diced onion, cherry tomatoes and green olives. Tasty over white rice.

Recipe by: LUNDEGAARD1

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Chicken piccata is an easy dinner made quickly with thinly pounded chicken breast, lemon juice and olives. Serve with pasta or another starch.

Recipe by: Yolli

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For this tasty dish, tender lamb fillet is quickly cooked under the grill, then cut up and mixed into a salad of burghul, red capsicum, green olives and fresh mint. No oil is used to dress the salad, just fresh lemon and orange juices, so the fat content is kept low.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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This is a great beginner's meal as it is so easy; chicken, spices, preserved lemon and green olives combine together to create this Moroccan style stew.

Recipe by: Bruno

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A cheesy potato salad with bacon and green olives. The difference? It's baked for extra special flavour. This makes a great side dish.

Recipe by: Valerie Lynne

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Easy to make, but full of flavour! Good hot or cold. Any pesto mixture is suitable for this quick pasta idea. Try the well known basil, sun-dried tomato or a stuffed green olive and almond combination. Spaghetti, fettuccine or penne are some suggestions for the type of pasta to use.

Recipe by: Lauren

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Pretty to look at, easy & tasty, my hubby requested this again before he'd even finished his first bowl!

Recipe by: WendyB

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Pasta with tuna, celery, grape tomatoes and green olives smothered in creamy mayonnaise makes a tasty treat to bring to your next potluck or to serve at your next BBQ.

Recipe by: Sally Rogers

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Chicken breasts are browned on the stove with a sauce of lemon, garlic and tarragon then finished in the oven with green olives.

Recipe by: Nanacooks

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This is my favourite chicken dish. The green olives in this dish really make the flavours soar!


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