Tortillas are a wonderful Mexican flat bread that are typically made from corn or flour. They are the foundation of many Mexican recipes and are even fried or baked to make tortillas chips.

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    You can easily buy tortillas but the homemade product is far superior since you can control their thinness or puffiness and how done you like them.

    Recipe by: Esther Nelson

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    Go on, have a go at making these yourself! A simple mixture of masa harina a fine cornmeal ground from white maize) and water results in the most wonderful corn tortillas you've ever tasted. The secret is to use a cast iron pan. Most supermarkets sell masa harina (maize flour) now.

    Recipe by: jenn

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    In this Mexican-inspired breakfast, tortillas are baked into flower-like cups and filled with eggs scrambled with ham, red capsicum and spring onions. Top with salsa for a spicy flavour boost.

    Recipe by: Leslie Glover

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    Although tortillas are traditionally made with masa, or ground corn flour, wheat flour tortillas are just as delicious to my mind.

    Recipe by: teresa

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    Their quick and easy, and they also freeze really well so you can make a big lot of them and just use them as you need.

    Recipe by: emrocks

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    Here's a simple recipe for making tortilla chips at home.

    Recipe by: Kirstin

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    This quick and easy recipe for crumbed chicken and coleslaw in tortilla wraps uses oven baked crumbed chicken strips and a coleslaw mix to save time. I use this recipe as my "Friday Fakeaway", for an easy dinner without ordering takeaway.

    Recipe by: Cathie33

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    Combine smoky roasted green chillies with prawns, garlic and mozzarella cheese for a quick and easy quesadilla that is full of flavour.

    Recipe by: vanessajbaca

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