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Tortillas are a wonderful Mexican flat bread that are typically made from corn or flour. They are the foundation of many Mexican recipes and are even fried or baked to make tortillas chips.

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Although tortillas are traditionally made with masa, or ground corn flour, wheat flour tortillas are just as delicious to my mind.

Recipe by: teresa

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You can easily buy tortillas but the homemade product is far superior since you can control their thinness or puffiness and how done you like them.

Recipe by: Esther Nelson

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Tortilla wraps are a great lunch but are also popular as a quick and easy dinner as everyone can help themselves.

Recipe by: Marissa Wright

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This is a creamy chicken tortilla soup/casserole I just threw together one night. The recipe is not concrete... a little more or less here or there wont hurt! Also - this recipe is shown for 2 people since it's just my boyfriend and I but we each had seconds and a little bit leftover.

Recipe by: Elsja

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Go on, have a go at making these yourself! A simple mixture of masa harina a fine cornmeal ground from white maize) and water results in the most wonderful corn tortillas you've ever tasted. The secret is to use a cast iron pan. Most supermarkets sell masa harina (maize flour) now.

Recipe by: jenn

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