Greek Chicken (26)

Check out these amazing chicken recipes with distinctive Greek flavours and tastes such as roasts, soups, pasta and souvlaki.

Top Greek Chicken Recipes

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An easy and delicious way to recreate your favourite Greek dish on the barbecue at home. This Mediterranean-flavoured recipe can be served as a smorgasboard, allowing guests to make their own.

Recipe by: Chris J

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One of my grans old recipes - very simple just uses chicken breasts, tinned soup and white wine and cooked in the slow cooker.

Recipe by: ozki

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Super easy barbecued chicken recipe that is special because of the overnight marination. Great tasting and very tender.

Recipe by: Michael

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An easy midweek meal idea is to make your own chicken souvlaki or gyros - just wrap in pitta with houmous and fresh tomato and lettuce.

Recipe by: KATHY S

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Make this for a special weeknight meal or a dinner party. Feta cheese and prosciutto stuffed chicken breasts baked in lemon and herb olive oil. You can substitute bacon for the prosciutto. The preparation is quick and the oven does the rest. Fabulous!


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