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    Rum is a great ingredient from cocktails to recipes like rum balls, barbecue sauces, and flambe bananas.

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    This cake is a tropical delight. The flavours of banana and rum are a perfect match and the pecans add a delicious, crunchy texture.

    Recipe by: LMDINCO

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    My Nanna gave me this recipe and can be used to make chocolate truffles or rum balls. For chocolate truffles just omit the rum and add vanilla essence instead.

    Recipe by: klazzy

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    If you like rum and raisin ice cream, here is the bread equivalent! It's sweet for a fruit bread and very easy to make in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Jill M.

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    This no-fuss, no-bake recipe makes the best tasting rum balls ever! Store them in an airtight container the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks....if they last that long!

    Recipe by: vbfosters

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    We always had rum balls at Christmas and Easter when I was a kid. Now I use them as an easy, bite-size traditional addition to Christmas Day but with the no-cook advantage. They're quick to make and the adults get all nostalgic while the kids wolf them down.

    Recipe by: mellie

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      Mojito Cocktail
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      Pina Colada
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      Cuba Libre

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