Damper is the great Australian bread! You don't need a camp oven to enjoy it, you can cook it right at home with these recipes.

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    If possible, serve your damper straight from the oven, but if it must be cooked ahead, wrap the loaf in a tea towel to keep it warm.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Traditionally, damper is cooked directly on the coals of a camp fire. If you use this method, have a beer handy in case some of the ashes on the damper are still glowing when you eat it!

    Recipe by: Warren Lower

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    I was very excited about making this damper and was hurrying to get to the computer and submit it. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: David P.

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    This is an oven baked damper loaf but if you want to be traditional you can cook it over a campfire on a stick! Serve with cocky's joy (golden syrup).

    Recipe by: Jobunni

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    This recipe was invented by my sister and is always a hit at parties. Serve the dip with the bread removed from the loaf and guests can also eat the bread "bowl."

    Recipe by: Theresa Walter

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    You won't believe something this easy can be this good! You can either bake it all as one, like a damper, or as individual scones.

    Recipe by: sandra ber

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    I have cooked this recipe a hundred of times and it is a real hit with kids and adults alike. Traditionally I have always used a camp oven but you can even cook this at home in your conventional oven. Eat with golden syrup or treacle.

    Recipe by: Craig Nanango

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    The origins of damper are from a poor settler's simple combination of flour and water cooked in the coals of a fire. As times progressed, people became richer and items like butter and milk became more accessible thus damper grew into a recipe like the one below.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    Australian-style cuisine with Australian native fruits

    Recipe by: VicCherikoff

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