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It’s not necessary go to the local fish and chip shop, you can make your own chips at home with these recipes that include wedges, fries and traditional chips.

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When I was little I remember the local fish and chip shop double cooking the chips, I thought it was for easy service now I know it is the best way to make chips.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Sweet potato chips are the new healthy option to the starchy white potato, so they have to be super good for you cooked in an air fryer.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

4 reviews

Whether wrapped in paper or served on a china plate, this is classic comfort food, and it is surprisingly easy to make.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

3 reviews

Super easy to make and just delicious! Sure to satisfy the family. Chicken and potatoes baked in Italian spices with a little tomato.

Recipe by: rrratze

2 reviews

An easy healthy way to make chips (or wedges) for fish and chips or with burgers or just for a snack.

Recipe by: Ashlee

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How to Make Sweet Potato Wedges
How to Make Sweet Potato Wedges

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